mrs custardcream

I am an american student who gave up on the somewhat limited and VERY expensive options ahead of her to transfer to a school in the uk, where her options aren't limited at all, though "less expensive" is currently under debate. I miss my dogs and chickens, and so should you. if knitting scares you, please, for the sake of your children, look away.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


not as though anything I write ISN'T miscellany.

I bought a fruit and oat cookie from M&S the other day. it was tasty. but while eating it, I suddenly encountered something very, VERY hard, which hurt my tooth and promptly was swallowed during the shock. my intial feelings were...well

I felt betrayed. I bought the cookie thinking it was soft! with fruit! and oats! no one told me it might have hard bits in it, it wasn't advertised, the hard bits weren't obvious on the cookie's surface. I was completely unprepared for any hardness. am I the only one who feels betrayed by such things? or am I just weird?

exams went all right in the end. I finished the carolingians much sooner than I had expected, and spent 20 minutes trying to add more on. in the end, I think it's ok. I passed. I would like to do better than just passing, but I have to wait and see. here's to hoping.

owen wister was a horrible racist, but wow was he a good writer. the virginian is heartily recommended. I'm still trying to get through what's the matter with america?, but it's too depressing at the moment. I'm also hoping to hear from dad, I sent him photos, and I would call but- well- that's too depressing at the moment as well. sigh. ah well.

at least my loans came through! thank you god. remind me to start dragging myself to church again and not falling prey to the charms of snuggling in until 11 with a soft warm boyfriend.