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I am an american student who gave up on the somewhat limited and VERY expensive options ahead of her to transfer to a school in the uk, where her options aren't limited at all, though "less expensive" is currently under debate. I miss my dogs and chickens, and so should you. if knitting scares you, please, for the sake of your children, look away.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


well, sarah is 90% over the flu...and wondering when her next vaccination is due, since everyone around here is apparently be-mumped. never had chicken pox or measles or mumps, so this should be fun! if I don't die, of course.

essay is not going. note the absence of "well" or "badly"- it's just plain not going. I hate writing essays. the dissertation are going to be FANTASTIC, I can just tell! despite having all my materials laid out here, plus water, plus illicit cookies (sorry crispy), I can find nothing better to do with my time than post pictures of my history lecturers on livejournal and apply 18th-century verse to them. this is unnecessarily perverse (talking about the essay again, not lecturers), considering it's the shortest essay I'll have had to write so far. but...but....bah!

at least I got a 2:1 on my presentation on cars- I was worrying about that one a bit. why do I want to impress alasdair so much? is it because he's too innocent to notice the hundreds of floating penises surrounding graham norton for 3 years? and naive enough to type "gay camp" into google image search during class and still be shocked at the results? anyway, I don't want this essay to suck particularly, so I ought to get working. just.....ugh.

I hope holly wants to go to the lambing on saturday. I have a feeling I'm going to need the sight of baby animals being born very much by then.


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