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I am an american student who gave up on the somewhat limited and VERY expensive options ahead of her to transfer to a school in the uk, where her options aren't limited at all, though "less expensive" is currently under debate. I miss my dogs and chickens, and so should you. if knitting scares you, please, for the sake of your children, look away.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

mmmm, new blog goodness

yes, this is where I will now reside and write actual thoughtful things- or at least attempt to. I adore lj and whathaveyouetc. BUT I think I might feel a bit more comfortable writing what I like in a place where not everyone knows each other and I have to do all that filtered post crap to keep from alienating the folks. here, I don't care who I alienate with awful jokes about ronald reagan, or bore with knitting trivia, or perhaps just plain worry with the horrible dr moreau-ish creation "the oranguwank". so, yes. here we are.

anyway, first post! I have to say something intelligent so I don't get typecast. but that's probably beyond me at the moment, as I've been bad and bought loads of cookies when I'm meant to be on a diet. alas, alas. I'm giving most away though so I won't go to dieter's hell. note I said most. so on that note- two observations, one of which will get me flamed and one of which isn't very exciting at all.

1. the british system of elections sucks. not sucks in a terrible undemocratic evil way, but just in a general "um, is that it?" way. I'm beginning to see why our ballots have about ten million names on them when you vote- because you CAN actually vote for almost everyone! here you elect one person, and then they elect everyone else. not entirely comfortable with that. I'm not knocking it, just saying I can see why voter dissatisfaction is so high and so few people vote. when your vote doesn't really count in the higher eschelons of government, what impetus do you have?

2. british kleenex is much nicer than american kleenex. less dust to sand your nose down. I've had the flu for about 5 days now and only now has my nose gone all irritable and crinkly. that, my friends, is progress. I can't wait until this advanced kleenex technology makes its way into the hearts and homes of the american people. now if only they could manage to fit more than 5 tissues into a bag...

and that, my friends, is what happens when someone is trying to put off writing two essays. huzzah!


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does this work?


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