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I am an american student who gave up on the somewhat limited and VERY expensive options ahead of her to transfer to a school in the uk, where her options aren't limited at all, though "less expensive" is currently under debate. I miss my dogs and chickens, and so should you. if knitting scares you, please, for the sake of your children, look away.

Monday, January 17, 2005

I am feeling...

drained. very much so. a phonecall from the beloved crispex has done much towards getting rid of it, but still....ugh.

am a bit dismayed at lack of self-control as well- in terms of dieting and otherwise. am eating and spending far more than I should be. and the thing is, I HAVE done this diet before and done it quite successfully. why I can't snap back into that mindset is bothering me. I mean, yes exams/stress/homesick/work/etc. is a factor, but these next few weeks I have the least amount of events going on- you'd think I'd find the time to calm down and not desire cookies. but no, cookies appear to rule me. I am cookies' bitch. especially fox's golden creams, they can pimp me out whenever they like.


anyway, yes. am also facing monetary meltdown crisis (or at least having to use american money with crap exchange rate crisis), so I should be spending as little as possible right? HAHAHA, bank account, you have been hAxX0red! all your base are belong to us, the retailers! did I really need triples of holiday photos? at 10p a pop? of 36? the sad thing is, no, I actually need something more like quintuples, but for once I'm being a model of thrift and not going the mile. priorities are (a) food and (b) putting some money back on my mobile so I can contact the living. after that, I need to be seriously good until next paycheck clears. sometime in 2006. or maybe just the first week of february, whichever takes longer. so I need to lock my credit card away somewhere where I can use it to pay rent but not use it to buy handbags.

I also need to clean my room. oh, if my mother could read this! she'd think it was someone else's blog.

and if my grandmother could read this, she'd probably have a heart attack from shock.

anyway, I'm meant to be resting and not thinking and indulging in things to make me hate myself that little bit less. so back to the best horror compilation EVER, "tales of the dead", and a story about a voodoo woman who grows in miniature out of the shoulder of the man who has killed her so he can be with a rich woman instead. all good comedy fun for the whole family!


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