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I am an american student who gave up on the somewhat limited and VERY expensive options ahead of her to transfer to a school in the uk, where her options aren't limited at all, though "less expensive" is currently under debate. I miss my dogs and chickens, and so should you. if knitting scares you, please, for the sake of your children, look away.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

exam meltdown

yep! maybe meltdown isn't the right word...comedown? I have one to go next week, but for right now, I'm enjoying the amazing feeling of not having to do anything for a day. it's beautiful.

essay for alasdair went all right- I had to seriously mess around with fiske's notion of guerrilla warfare between consumers and producers of mass-manufactured goods. in my mind, the guerrilla war can be more than just consumers altering and giving new meanings to products; it can also be the opposite, consumers producing mass-manufactured products which rival the industry's version, yeah? so bootlegs fit quite nicely into that area, because they're an album made by the people who listen to music, not the people who make it or package it. anyway, I hope he doesn't see it for the desperate "I can't think of any other examples no one else has used!" gasp that it is, and instead thinks "oh what a clever young lady, I'm giving her a first."

I can dream.

modernity exam was all right, though it was ALL mr. meek's half of the module and hardly anything from the first. thankfully there were plenty of options, and most importantly options which I understood, so I think I did ok in the end. I hate handwritten exams though- I'm now so used to being able to pause, delete, start again on sentences and phrases that it takes me extra long to write. I hate the sight of something scribbled out. it makes the otherwise neat, patterned page turn into something lovely with big spots randomly dispersed around it. not a fan. I avoided them as much as I could. hopefully john grades them, he's a nice grader and he likes me so he'll be lenient with my incoherencies and overuse of "such as" and "similarly", which I can avoid when typing but seem to ignore entirely when writing. ah well.

anyway, I am off down to the river to knit and amuse myself dropping pieces of cracker onto the backs of swans. ahhh, late winter/early springtime...


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